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Whitenicious Booty Lightening Cream


Booty Lightening Cream used for discoloration around the buttocks can be unflattering, even more so when it’s a beautiful sunny day and you want to wear your favorite shorts. Although this can be annoying, Whitenicious created this Booty Lightening cream that works effectively to fade away buttocks discoloration.This lightening cream will diminish the appearance of dark patches in or near your booty .


Whitenicious Booty Lightening Cream Set

What Causes Buttock Darkening?

There are several reasons behind why someone may experience darkening of the buttock. Some of these reasons may include:

Chafing – Chafing occurs when there is constant friction generally through skin to skin contact. Chafing can also be related to leg exercises, walking, or jogging. As time goes on, chafing causes the skin to become thin, itchy and discolored.
Hormonal imbalance – Hormonal imbalance can also cause discoloration, usually among women who are in the process of lactation, pregnancy, menstruation, or among those with PCOS
Medications – Specific medications such as oral hormonal contraceptives or certain chemotherapy medications can cause discoloration of the skin, which is primarily due to changes occurring with the body physically
Sun exposure – Sun exposure is a common cause for skin discoloration of buttock. If you find yourself sunbathing or perhaps wearing a short dress or shorts, both your legs and buttock can easily get exposed to tanning.
Acanthosis nigricans – Acanthosis nigricans is a skin pigmentation disorder that can lead to skin discoloration over various parts of the body such as armpits, elbows, neck, thighs, knees

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Booty Lightening Cream, Booty Lightening Cream Set


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