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Illuminatural 6i Lightening Cream


Illuminatural 6i Lightening Cream is a gentle, yet powerful combination of clinically proven active skin lighteners and plant-based ingredients that nurture your skin, with natural exfoliation and collagen production. This is a natural process, that works with your skin’s monthly renewal process. Illuminatural 6i Skin Lightening Cream sloughs away dead and damaged skin cells which are replaced by new, healthy skin cells from the layers below.


Illuminatural 6i Cream lightens dark spots so safely. We’ve put all the goods for blemish-free complexion in a single package with the assurance that comes with all Skinception products. Customers report noticeable lightning beginning in just 4 weeks, with the best results occurring after three cycles of your skin’s regeneration process, meaning 90 days.

That’s in stark contrast to chemical peels and traditional skin brighteners that contain mercury, which studies link to the risk of cancer, birth defects in babies, organ failure, and more. In fact, we suggest you stay away from 99% of the skin brighteners sold at your neighborhood pharmacy.

Fortunately, with Illuminatural 6i Lightening Cream, you can achieve that great, blemish-free complexion without going to more intrusive and riskier extremes.


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