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Vita White Meso(5 Vials)


Buy Vita White Online, a Unique formula for efficient fat-melting, which consists of powerful slimming, draining and firming actives, ideal to improve the condition of areas affected by cellulite and more specifically to fight “Orange” skin and edematous cellulite. Vita White Meso by Vital Esthetique has a whitening effect on the skin. Vita White mesotherapy product blocks melanin synthesis in the body and prevents skin pigmentation.


What are the benefits of Vita Face?

Hyperpigmentation problems (melasmas, freckles, actinic spots, age spots, post inflamatory hyperpigmentation, etc.)
Nonhomogeneous skin color (mainly women in menopause)
Smoker or tired skin (lacking luminosity and brightness)
Photo damaged skin (heavily exposed to sun rays)


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