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SoftFil Perfect Skin Massager


Buy SoftFil Perfect Skin Massager for the ultimate skin massage after aesthetic injection treatments. The SoftFil Skin Massager is a massage tool that favours skin rejuvenation. Equipped with a high-performance vibration system, it can be used in combination with a cream, mask or serum for better topical penetration.


The SoftFil Skin Massager is easy to operate, and may be used right after the procedure and then at home on a twice weekly basis. The SoftFil® Skin Massager is ideal for aesthetic care. It may be used:

– as a distraction during injecting filler
– in combination with a cream, a serum or a mask.
– after aesthetic injections in the face, hands or neck, at a clinic and at home,
– as a regular treatment to increase intra-vascular and lymphatic circulation.

After an injection of hyaluronic acid (on medical prescription) for a better distribution on the face, hands or chest area. As a regular treatment, for an increase in intra-vascular and lymphatic circulation.

The average recommended massage time per zone is 3 minutes. In order to stimulate the fibroblast, plan 2 massages per week in combination with a cream, mask or serum.


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