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SkinPen Microneedling Cartridge


Buy SkinPen Microneedling Cartridge online. The Bio-Sleeve feature on the SkinPen microneedle cartridges is pivotal to the versatility, efficacy and safety of the SkinPen device. This component allows the clinician to perform a SkinPen treatment confident that no fluids can penetrate the cartridge and enter the body of the device itself, preventing any possible cross-contamination,” said Dr. Thomas Hitchcock, PhD, and Scientific Advisor to SkinPen

Box of 12 Cartridges $95
Box of 33 Cartridges – $150
Box of 100 Cartridges – $550


Patented Microneedle disposable cartridge with its in-built reciprocating device for a precise calibration. SkinPen uses 14 state of the art needles in the cartridge tip, Super tensile strength for treating scar tissue, Super precision sharp to prevent tearing caused by blunt or hooked needles, All the needles the same length, Needle length depth adjusted in the cartridge head not the pen for absolute accuracy.

Fourteen stainless steel surgical-grade needles validated for sharpness, durability and penetration depth : No blunt, uneven length or hooked needles.

Exhaust Ports & Scalloped Edge to prevent suction and bruising
Internal Reciprocating Mechanism – Unlike unreliable spring reciprocating mechanisms used in other devices, SkinPen Precision’s coupled recipro­cating mechanism allows for complete and consistent insertion and retraction of the needles on every rotation

Validated for the device to perform at the specified depth deemed safe for patients
Ingress protection minimizing back flow and risk of cross-contamination

Validated single-use-lock-out feature: No penetration of fluids such as blood or serum.

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Pack of 12, Pack of 33, Pack of 100, Pack of 500


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