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Juves Figurha Eyelights (1×1.25ml)


Juves FigurHA Eyelights is a unique product modified for the delicate areas around the eyes. It is used to treat dark circles and to fill superficial lines as well as fine to moderate wrinkles. It provides excellent results when used as a skin booster as it improves hydration, elasticity, and tone. FigurHA Eyelights is a flexible and easy to mold gel with molecule sizes ranging between 100-300 μm. It is injected into the superficial and mid dermis, supra-periosteum with 27G or 30G needle/cannula. Results are instant and depend on individual skin properties.

Juves Figurha Eyelights is very effective for treating dark circles, superficial lines, tear troughs, etc. Juves Figurha Eyelights and all other Juves Figurha range products are a complete line of anti-aging dermal fillers based on highly cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid ( 20mg/ml ). Created using the latest Hybrid MobyTM technology combining both monophasic cross-linking and biphasic gel properties for longer-lasting results.
FigurHA range effectively treats all signs of aging from filling superficial wrinkles and lines to facial contouring and restoring volume for youthful and healthy skin. The technology used to with Juves Figurha Eyelights provides a smooth gel of high viscoelasticity that’s easy to inject and highly resistant to degradation. It also contains one of the purest injectable HA gels on the market.
All FigurHA fillers contain 1.25 ml of the product in each syringe.

The eye area is a little challenging to treat due to its sensitivity, since the skin is very thin and translucent, with many blood vessels. With the aging process, several changes occur such as the appearance of dark circles and fine lines, deepening of tear troughs, creating of minimal palpebral or malar bags, dehydration of the skin around the eyes, which loses its tone and brightness.
So Juves FigureHa was created as a unique and special product designed for treating the sensitive eyes area- Juves FigurHA,  minimizes the risk of edema without the Tyndall effect and provides long-lasting results. FigurHa is recommended for filling the eye circles and tear troughs, correction of superficial lines, fine to moderate wrinkles, Palpebromalar groove, and around palpebral and malar bags. It also improves the skin`s hydration, elasticity, and brightness, being excellent as a skin booster.

Juves FigurHa Eyelight Treatment areas:

FigurHA is recommended for lips augmentation and modeling, wrinkles filling and smoothing, facial volume restoring and facial contour redefining:
- Filling of wrinkles and superficial, moderate and deep lines (nasolabial folds, marionette lines, perioral wrinkles, oral commissures)
- Correction of dark circles and periorbital area
- Reshaping of cheeks, chin, and jawline
- Non-surgical nose reshaping, etc.

In addition to the immediate volume effect, Juves FigurHA intensively hydrates the treated area, improving skin tone.
-arch eyebrows
-perioral wrinkles
-bridge of the nose
-tear troughs
-nasolabial folds
-marionette lines
-oral commissures
-chin/chin fold

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to treat dark circles and to fill superficial lines as well as fine to moderate wrinkles.


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