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Fillderma Volumize (3x1ml)


Buy Fillerderma Volumize online used for filling deep wrinkles, increasing the volume, and restructuring the face. Fillderma Volumize is a filler of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of two molecular weights interspersed with free hyaluronic acid, with the novel crosslinking technology: cross-linking 3D process. Indicated for the restoration of volumes: cheekbones, chin, malar area, and nasal angle.

Through its long-lasting cross-linking process at low temperature, it allows to better control the degree of crosslinking using a smaller amount of crosslinking agent (residual BDDE <0.1ppm) making this fillderma safer than the rest of fillers on the market. In addition, hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights interspersed with free hyaluronic acid are combined, creating a three-dimensional spherical structure more resistant to degradation. FILLDERMA Volumize does not only fills but rejuvenates senescent fibroblast, producing a release of growth factors and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis from the inside.
In addition, Filladerma fillers offer multi-level hydration thanks to the combination of AH of different molecular weights.

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For filling deep wrinkles, increasing the volume a and restructuring the face. 


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