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Dermafill Volume Ultra (1x1ml)


Dermafill Volume Ultra is another biodegradable non-animal product of high viscosity on the basis of purified stabilized hyaluronic acid which also has long-term effect. Dermafill volume Ultra is used to fill deep nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth, and deep facial wrinkles with excellent elasticity with a long-term period of absorption. It is another derma filler consisting of cross linked sodium hyalurnate of non animal origin.

Dermafill Volume Ultra dermal filller is a biodegradable non-animal product of high viscosity on the basis of purified stabilized hyaluronic acid which has long-term effect. Dermafill volume Volume Ultra is used to fill deep nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth, and deep facial wrinkles with excellent elasticity. It is another derma filler consisting of a cross-linked sodium hyalurnate of non-animal origin.

Dermafill Volume Ultra for sale is also recommended for modeling facial contours, providing a clearer zygomatic region, increasing the chin volume, especially in men, shaping the brow arch modeling the shape of the nose (non-invasive rhinoplasty) and eyebrows eliminating the back and nasal bump and reducing the severity of the nasolabial folds giving the lips larger volume

The innovation of is not only its composition but also the new patented Caregen technology of “Sustained Release Technology” – works 14 days after application.

Buy Dermafill Volume Ultra online to retain their properties to regain their original position after injection. So the minimum content BDDE is 4 times less than the permissible norms of CE and FDA. Also the minimum endotoxin contents is 10 times less than the acceptable CE and FDA standards. Does not leave harmful by-products. Injected into deep dermis layers of skin for full long-lasting effects.


Purified hyaluronic acid of non animal origin
concentration: 25mg /ml
connectivity: ++++ (BDDE 14%
Molecular Weight 2.5 - 3 Mda
Dynamic Viscosity 1 / sec - 1080 mPa.s
Osmotic Pressure: 317 mOsmol / kg
BDDE: 0.53 ppm
Endotoxins: <0.05 EU / g pH: 7.14 Whats in the box?

  • 2x1ml  prefilled sterile syringe.
  • 25mg/ml
  • Cross linked BDDE++++

What are the Benefits ofDermafill Volume Ultra ?

  • Redraw the natural curve
  • Bring volume
  • Natural long lasting effect

What is Dermafill Dermafill Volume Ultra ?

  • Correct deep wrinkles
  • Restore facial volume
  • Reshape face to gain original contour
  • Inject into deep dermis for long lasting visible effect

They are harmoniously integrated into the skin tissue rejuvenating both it and also reviving natural metabolic processes in it.


Volume, contour as well as lip modeling
Acne Wrinkles
Filtrum Columns
Cupid's Arch
Puppet Wrinkles

How long does it last: 

This is a complete breakthrough in the way active ingredients are delivered – the minimum dose of concentrated formulation is still maintained in the skin for 2 weeks after treatment, causing slow, long-term release and penetration of the active ingredients. In case of any defects however, Ice packs can help alleviate temporary numbness and swelling.

Dermall Volume Ultra may carry the possibility of the below side effects than other derma fillers. Severe side effects are rare. Moderate side effects usually go away within two weeks.
Some side effects include:

  • allergic reaction
  • bruising
  • infection
  • itching
  • numbness
  • redness
  • scarring
  • sores. Hence …

You can Buy Dermafill Volume Ultra (2x1ml) online at a cost effective price.

Additional information


To fill deep nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth, and deep facial wrinkles


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